Sarah Kreuz

Creator & Host

33 countries and counting/ B.A. Philosophy & Sociology


How the Podcast was born... 

We are all seeking something on this Earth and for me that search has always been for something deeper

Over the past few years, I have not felt content, happy, nor accepted... and I wasn't exactly sure why. I knew that I was being pulled towards a greater purpose and existence here on Earth, but I wasn't exactly sure how to define it. 

Change was needed, that much was for sure. So I did the only thing that I knew how to do: make a drastic change in hopes of drastic results. While the change in my physical world happened quickly (i.e. leaving my life in Portland, OR behind in order to travel abroad), my spiritual progress has been both slow and steady. 

I left the states and my life behind with the intention of fully and completely opening myself to the unknown and letting the universe be my guide. I am not only exploring the world, but also myself spiritually. Over the past few months it was become very clear that I am on a journey to heal myself from the ground up. I am shedding the parts of myself that I no longer need in order to fully and completely become the person I truly want to be. 

Spiritual journeys are a deeply personal and profound experience. I have decided to share my progress and my experience with the hopes of shedding some light on what it means to follow the spiritual path by stepping away from fear and moving into completely into the unknown physically and spiritually. By doing so, I hope that i can help someone who is going through the same thing or maybe even inspire someone to start on a path of their own.  

The search for wholeness, acceptance and infinite love continues, and probably always will. But now it has taken on a new life and this search has become a new way of being. 

This is my story written with a passport and a microphone. 

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