Energetic Healing in Istanbul, Turkey: Root Chakra

Ever since I have arrived in Istanbul, the energy here has been pulling me towards the Earth.  This feeling isn't just me wanting to connect back to nature, instead it runs deeper than that. It is a feeling of needing to return back to a place of belonging and security, not just in the world but also with in myself. The energy in Istanbul is slowly but surely showing me that there is something missing in my life: Foundation. 

Stability is something I always assumed I had, until I started questioning exactly what that word means, and more specifically, what it feels like. More recently than not, I have been feeling as though my life and myself are a mess and that my mind is constantly all over the place. Its almost as though I have nothing solid to hold onto as I try to maneuver my way through this ever shifting Earth. Naturally, I blamed the outside world. I pointed the blame at people, circumstances, or even time. Anything that was constantly changing was at fault because I couldn't seem to get the grip on it that I wanted. I found myself looking for stability while living on shaky grounds. I was confusing the flow in my life for chaos in my mind. 

Only until I started directing my attention inward, did I realize that the feeling of being grounded wasn't going to be found in the outside world. This sense of foundation and belonging was something that I was missing because it had never been established internally. Why? Maybe it could have been constantly moving as a child, my family dwindling apart after the deaths of multiple family members or, maybe, my general aloof and independent personality type. No matter the reason, Istanbul's energy has offered me a sense of grounding and by doing so it has reflected the very lack of it in myself. This has become a sign of the direction that I need to go spiritually, and that is healing myself in way so I can get back that sense of rooting and foundation I had lost without even realizing it. 

When I left for this journey of travel and exploration, I didn't know what to expect. Slowly but surely, this is turning into a healing journey more than anything else which is why I have been choosing to my direction inwards and focusing on balancing myself and my root chakra. This chakra is responsible for your sense of safely and security while we on this worldly journey It is energetic link that connects us back to the Earth and ultimately back to that sense of foundation that I am missing.  I am not sure where this journey will take me, but I know that is a journey that I am ready to start and theres no better place to start than the ground up. 

I hope you enjoy my video describing the root chakra. If you are interested about my take on Istanbul, Turkey as a whole and a more depth description of the energy, please refer to Episode 11. 

Light and Love