023: Why Relationships Are Your Best Guides

Sometimes you can only understand yourself in relation to other people or places. In this episode, I talk about about some of the major lessons that I am learning so far while in Spain. Being here is showing me that I not only need other people, but that I have so much to learn about myself through relationships. Spain is acting as a mirror… it is showing me that while personal relationship are difficult for me, they don’t necessarily have to be. Some of that friction exists because we can only see certain parts of ourselves when they interact with their exact opposite. Becoming aware of who you are is also found in how you relate to other people. 

07: Why This Place Equals Feminine Energy

When traveling to an area, we all look for different things. In this episode, I give a brief summary of what it was like being near the Mediterranean Sea for the first time from an spiritual perspective. I go over what the energy was like, what it did to me, and what I learned from it. Overall, if I could describe the Mediterranean’s energy in one word, it would be receptive.  

002: Master Your Fear of the Unknown

Stepping into the unknown can apply to so many different aspects of one's life. Although it could seem daunting at first, the unknown is a very unique place. If you let it, the unknown can be a place of creativity, change, and opportunity.