036: Why Feeling Unworthy isn't Necessary

How do we learn self-worth? I believe that it’s done by removing the barriers within ourselves that keep us from experiencing a true sense of worth. In this episode, I explain what unworthiness is, where it comes from and how it affects our lives. Like self-love, self-worth is something that is continuously promoted (rightfully so) but there seems to be something missing from the equation. Seldom we are taught or shown how to navigate the ways in which to feel that worth when all we see is our believed lack of it. This leaves us feeling not only less than worthy but also without hope of even having a path to elsewhere. How are we suppose to move forward navigating the world and the self when we don’t feel as though we have an ounce of self-love left inside of us? When it comes to the feeling of unworthiness, if we don’t go towards it in an attempt to understand and release it, then it is always going to be there. In this episode, I attempt to go towards my own feelings of self-worth in order to better understand the self and the world.

021: On Being in the Present Moment... or Not

I know that "being in the now" is something that we all strive for, but why is it so difficult to obtain? In this episode, I talk about why it is so difficult for me to live in the present moment and ways that my mind distracts me from fully being present.During my recent trip to England, I found that I wasn’t quite all there. It was almost as though I left as soon as I arrived because my mind was constantly somewhere else: the future.  This trip to England has shown me that I'm not in the moment as much as I thought I was. As quickly as the mind can be pulled to the present, it can leave just as fast. No matter how much I try, I know that I can't keep running from the present moment because there is nowhere else to go.


019: Self Doubt 101

In order to move forward, we need to face two sets of fears: fear of the external and fear of the self. In this episode, I explore the concept of self doubt and why it can be harder to face than anything outside of us. Self doubt is defined the lack of confidence in one own’s motives, abilities, and even thoughts. But what exactly do those doubt show up as and how do they prevent us from moving forward? I am attempting to look my self doubts in the face in order to eventually move past them.

018: Spiritual Awakenings and Such

We all hear the terms Spiritual Awakening and Ascension, but what does that actually mean? In this episode, I try to answer the question “What is a spiritual awakening”? I try to understand this concept both philosophically and as I try to work my way through my own awakening process. I’ve come to terms that I am beginning to awaken and hopefully my experience can give some insight to you on your journey.

016: Feeling Forever Lost? Same.

Sometimes in life we can feel as though we are lost and sometimes we can feel that way for a while.  Feeling as though you are directionless doesn’t just happen to us physically, but it can also happen spiritually. In this episode I talk about why being lost in the Balkans is also a reflection of my internal world. I talk about the ways in which I feel spiritually lost and why. But no matter how far I stray or how lost I feel, I know that I am not alone even when I am by myself.

014: Why Dealing with Past Pains Sucks

No matter how or where we are headed, there comes a time when we need to travel onwards. In this episode, I talk about the one place that I have a difficult time leaving: the past. No matter how much I hate to admit it, the past still has a hold on me because I am affected by past pains and memories. The more I try to move forwards, the harder they pull me backwards because it is clear that I still haven’t dealt with them. Traveling onwards means being honest with ourselves and where we are at before we are able to fully let go and move forward. Understanding how and why we are hurting is just part of the process of moving on so we can eventually get to where we are going. 

013: How The Dead Sea Changed Me

Spiritual journeys can take on many forms, for me it is becoming clear that mine is a healing journey and this trip is just more proof of that. Israel had been calling my name very loudly and very clearly for the last month, so I knew that I had to go in that direction. Once I got there, I realized that the energy I was feeling was a source of love, but i didn’t understand why. It wasn’t until I got to the Dead Sea did I realize that the love I was feeling was a reflection and one that I forgot I had. Sometimes we need a mirror to see the things in ourselves we cant see without it, and the Dead Sea was just that.

012: Why Energetic Blocks Affect Creativity

In order to live authentically and honestly, we must be able to fully and completely express who are are. In this episode, I talk about creativity and why it is an important part of the spiritual journey. I talk about some creative blocks that I face and what that means on a deeper level. Ultimately, how we express ourselves becomes an indicator of who we are and what is inside of us, even if were not completely aware of its contents.