Episode 2: Into the Unknown - Transcript

Welcome to episode number two!  In this episode, I’m going to be going over what the unknown is and why it is important. So here we go… 

    As the introduction went over, I am doing this podcast as a way to document my own personal journey into the unknown physically, spiritually, and mentally. So I’ve been really thinking about the unknown is as a whole and I have really been trying to change my perception of it and my understanding. I’m trying to not view it as a thing that needs to be feared or something that is scary or potential harmful to me. Instead, I’m really trying to see the unknown of every aspect of my life as something that is basically a place of beauty. Because there are so many different aspects of yourself that you are constantly discovering about yourself and finding and i think that if you focus internally with intention then you can go into unknown parts of yourself that you have even seen before. 

    I know we all hear cliches all the time about stepping outside of your comfort zone blah blah blah .. but its a thing and I’m telling you right now people, that I am outside of mine! And not just in terms of doing the whole traveling thing, but also starting this podcast because… i don’t know…  its kinda scary to talk to people or to let people know what I’m doing and what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling about things that I normally don’t share with a lot of people so openly or so quickly. 

    Okay, so besides that whole stepping outside of your comfort zone business and doing things that challenge you.. I think a lot about embracing the unknown means letting go of control and letting go of expectations and simply letting thing happen as they will and when they will and not trying to control or force the things in your life. I personally find that I try to control situations, I try to make things happen how I want them to happen, or I just kind of wrap my mind around the idea of how things are currently unfolding instead of just letting it go and letting it happen. 

    I think accepting unknown and living in that place of uncertainly is important because it is simply admitting that you don’t know. That you don’t have everything figured out and you know what? That is perfectly okay because sometimes that is exactly where you need to be in the moment. So often we hear the old cliche - “its not about the journey, man, its about the destination”. But what happens when part of the journey means being lost. What happens when difficult part become accepting the fact that maybe you don’t even have a destination in mind. Or even a hint of a general direction. 

    So if part of the journey means being lost it could also mean that maybe you need to be there for a while. And just because you don’t know where you’re going, that should not prevent you from moving forward. And moving forward EVEN when you can’t see where you’re going. I know, it sounds scary. it sounds ridiculous, I know but there is no other option… you can’t NOT move forward. Regardless of how much you resist, everything around you changes. Everything has to change and guess what, everything is going to change weather you like it or not. So either you are going to keep moving or you’re going to try to resist, and guess what? It’s going to be way more painful than any step forward you can ever take. 

    So in the end, moving forward needs to happen whether or not you know where you’re going. But the important factor is simply trusting that you will get to where you need to go. Its trusting that being lost, right now where you are, is just part of the picture and not the picture as whole. It’s moving forward despite how scary or unwelcoming or dark the unknown or the next step appears to be. And by doing so, its allowing things to uncomfortable for the soul reason that they uncertain. Its recognizingthat despite all of that.. despite how things feel or how things look or how things appear to be, or even how lost you feel, its recognizing that no matter what, you are in a very unique place right now and its a place of growth and opportunity. 

    So admitting that I don’t know and just accepting it..thats all fine and dandy. I feel like that is something that we can all do. But I think that we can all go a step further and learn how to not just accept that place of uncertainty, but also how to live in it - how to like being in it - and also, how to simply just grow from it. Its embracing the aspects of life as they are even if they appear to be incomplete. It’s letting go of the way that you think things should be as a whole. It’s letting go of the way your mind painted that picture of how things are and its basically letting go of the way that your mind tries to construct reality instead of just letting it play out as it will. So being lost and being 100% okay with it is completely fine because ultimately that is where you need to be. it is the starting point of any journey. Its where you being questioning…its where you being wondering. It where you being to have that desire to take the next step forward because you know that there is something else out there. Its taking that step forward future exploration and ultimately towards moving forward. 

    The unknown as a whole, I guess you can say, can be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are going from one aspect of your life to another and things are completely changing and completely shifting and everything is starting over anew. That can be very overwhelming.. I know. And it can be very tempting to want to leave or resist it from happening. But I think another important part of accepting the unknown is trying not to leave it. Its accepting that its not going to feel great all the time. But that place of the unknown where you just sit and you accept things how they are, I think that is a beautiful starting point. And that is where you have to start, there is no other option. If that is where you are, then you can’t start from anywhere else. Because if you try, guess what, you’re not going to get too far because you are going to be pulled back to the exact same stop you were before until you lear how to accept it and move forward from there. So, yes, aligning with the unknown can be scary but i think its scarier if you resist it and fight it because I would rather be going with the unknown, going with change, as oppose to fighting it. Because guess what? Change is going to win. That is a battle that you are 100% going to lose. But it’s also a battle that should not even try to be fought. Because I really think that when you are in the unknown and you are surrounded by all these new things and new opportunities, I really belief that is the birthplace of creativity and change. And it’s where so many beautiful unseen opportunities can be missed because you are deciding to focus on the wrong things. You’re either deciding to focus on what you are losing, where you’re going, or just how it feels, as oppose to focusing on where you are and making the most of it. 

    So many times, when things are uncertain, the mind wants to explain things and put them into a box and doesn’t want to leave things open. It doesn’t want to leave things open to interpretation. it doesn’t want to leave things unresolved or unconcluded. And I think that sometimes, the unknown as it is, is a problem for the mind to solve. It’s something that the mind wants to find and doesn’t just want to leave it as it is. Which, I think can be a problem because the unknown as a whole is a huge thing. Its bigger than you, it’s bigger than this world, it’s bigger than the universe. It bigger than everything. Everything besides what you think you know, is unknown. You can’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t know everything so theres no way for your little mind to not just comprehend everything thats out there, but put it into a box. There’s just no way.. it’s too big of a task. It’s something that’s so different than anything else we experience, so there’s nothing else to do in that state besides to learn from it and grow from it and just embrace it. Its a place where you ultimately become revealed to yourself because you are put in situations that you’ve never been before so you are going to see parts of yourself that you have never been shown before because you have never had the opportunity. So in a way, its testing your character in order to make you change and move forward. In that place, in that point in time, and in those parts of the unknown, its where old parts of you are allow to die so that a new way of being and a new aspect of yourself can come into life and occupy that space. That’s it. That is where the unknown, not happens, but that is where the shift inside of you takes place by being thrown into that new environment. So embracing the unknown mean being able to sit in those uncertain moments, no matter how big they are, no matter small they are, not matter how uncomfortable they are.. its being able to sit in those moment and find beauty in it, to learn from it, and to ultimately enjoy it. Its choosing to start where you are and letting unknown be your guide and then just sitting peacefully in it and find beauty in the things that where unseen before. Because I think that sometimes the most beautiful things we come across are the things we have never seen before and how else are you suppose to find them unless you go to places you have never been before.

    So yes, stepping int the unknown is scary. It’s scary business, I know. But you know what? Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and sometimes you just gotta do it. Stepping into the unknown is scary, but I feel like it’s connecting with parts of yourself that you have never connected with before or even understanding parts of yourself that you have never taken the time to inspect. Or it’s even reacting in a different way that you have never reacted in before. And then when it comes to the mental aspect of your life… this, the podcast, is a prime example of me stepping into the unknown mentally because, yes, physically, its not hard to sit here with a microphone and talk. The hardest part is convincing yourself mentally that you can do it. It’s pushing forward and doing it despite everything else in my mind that is saying don’t do it. And it’s not listening to the mind, but doing something different which would be going against your initial thoughts. So by taking a step into the unknown, I really truly believe that you are choosing to exist in that place of uncertainty but you’re also having the faith your working towards something greater than what currently is. And it’s knowing that things are unfolding exactly how they need to be. But it’s also trusting that ultimately you will get to where you want to go and where you need to go in due time.

    So that little rants concludes episode number two! Next week I am going to be talking about actually stepping out into the unknown physically: I.E. travel. Catch you later peeps!

Released: October 10, 2016 

Recorded: Oxnard, California